About us

BEST Logistics Sp. z o.o. was founded in Szczecin in 2000 on the initiative of Andreas Häfner. In his capacity as a representative of HAEGER & SCHMIDT GmbH, Andreas has realized a growing number of logistic projects in the area of inland waterway transportation.

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We work in accordance with the Polish General Forwarding Rules 2010


Inland waterway carriage is used for bulky and heavy goods whose parameters rule out any possibility of long distance road or rail transport. Nationwide transport is realised through the Oder, Vistula, Warta and Noteć rivers. The European network of rivers and canals is also used to carry out projects outside Poland. Our transport plan also encompasses determining the proper loading port or beachhead, including the location of reloading technology (cranes, gantry or RoRo) and the possibility of transporting by river given the water level, hydro technical structures (floodgates), and bridge clearances. The following barge units are used: BM 500, BP 500, BP 800, pontoons as well as Drive-in RoRo barges.