О Фирме

Фирма BEST Logistics О.О.О. возникла в 2000 году в Щецине, по иницятиву Андреаса Хафнера (Andreasa Häfnera), который как представитель фирмы HAEGER & SCHMIDT GmbH осуществлял в Польше все большее число логистических проектов в речном судоходстве.


We work in accordance with the Polish General Forwarding Rules 2010

Port warehouse – Szczecin

Port warehouse managed by Best Logistics expands service to our customers in the Port. The warehouse hall with an area of 1500 square meters with two cranes of 8 tons each and the removable gate provides  optimum operation conditions for the assembly and loading of oversized items and also the storage, handling, and securing cargo in containers.

Coaster vessels up to 85 m in length are able to call port berth near our warehouse

Gantry crane of 450t capacity  provides an unique environment for heavy cargo handling.

Szczecin Port – warehouse and mounting hall